What will be the subject of sale ?

Cooperative ownership right to residential premises (without a mortgage books)
Land / premises realty / apartment with the land register
Transaction price:
Tax on civil law: PLN
Notary fee (Notary): PLN
VAT on notarial tax (notary fees): PLN
The court fee: PLN
Application to the Department of Land Registers and the extracts deed - about: PLN
Agency fees: % + vat PLN

Total additional cost: PLN

TOTAL (price + fees): PLN
If a cooperative ownership right to residential premises has been installed on land and mortgage register, the court fee is! The amount of court fee is 200 zł.

If the object of acquisition is involved in real estate, court fee is part of the fixed fee in the amount of 200 zł, proportional to the amount of participation, but not less than 100 zł.

If agricultural land is acquired with an area of ​​5 ha, court fee is 150 zł. Because now a large part of Polish territory there are no plans, most of the plots for detached houses has a status of "agricultural land", so in this case that the lower fee.

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